How To Correctly View And Judge A Cock Punch On S128

How To Correctly View And Judge A Cock Punch On S128 – There are several ways to be able to choose and determine which chickens are of good quality or not, one of which is to judge the chickens based on the strokes they do, now to help you determine and choose quality chickens, this time the Admin will provide a few methods so that You can choose which fighting cock is quality based on the punch, let’s see the following article until it runs out.

Punches and spurs are the main weapons for Bangkok chickens. All agree, right? be it in ground cockfighting or online cockfighting. S128 Punches and spurs are one of the main criteria in choosing Bangkok chickens, which can be seen during the fighting. Some things related to blows that need to be observed when Bangkok chicken is diabar as follows:

Direction of blows
The direction of the Bangkok chicken stroke can be from the front, oblique (from the front to the side), the left or right side, and from behind. In the first few minutes of the news, the chicken always hits from the front or at a slight angle (oblique). But the next minute, the chicken can also hit from the side and behind, depending on the pattern or habit. Some chickens can hit from the front or just oblique. On the other hand, there were chickens that could not hit from the front, and more from the side and back. A good fighting cock is if it can hit from all directions, both front, side and back, or at least it can be from both directions. Anyway, if there is a chance to hit and hit the target.

Target hit
The most common Bangkok chicken strokes are towards the head and neck. In the first few minutes of the news, sometimes the chicken hits on the chest and shoulders (warm up maybe?), The next is on the head and upper neck (that’s all if the chicken is fighting). There are only a few Bangkok chicken that hit on the chest, back, wings, waist and stomach. The good and most commonly chosen is Bangkok chicken which hits on the head and upper neck consistently. The head can hit the face, eyes or nerves in the back of the head. The neck can also make the chicken cluck if it is hit badly, especially if the opponent’s neck is not strong enough.

Punch accuracy
Hit accuracy is the accuracy of hitting the target chicken. Chickens whose punches are not precise and in sufficiently arbitrary direction, so that those who are chosen are those whose punches are right on target, for example, hitting the head or neck. Sometimes the accuracy of the hit is not right if the opponent is always moving and doesn’t want to stay still. But it can also be judged from the chicken itself, if the chicken is “good” at fighting, even though the opponent is hard to hit, it will still …