Guide on how to play cockfighting online

Cockfighting is one type of regional game that is very popular in Indonesia, where to be able to play it requires a competition arena, as well as 2 chickens that will later be competed in the arena. However, because in Indonesia everything that smells of gambling is strictly prohibited, including this game of cockfighting.

For conventional cockfighting gambling lovers, you don’t need to worry anymore at this time to be able to play Cockfighting gambling, because you can now play online with a sense of security, comfort and don’t need to be afraid of being raided by the authorities.

Guide to Playing Cockfighting Online

The Cockfighting Game is very easy to understand, because how to play it you only need to place a bet on the red chicken (Meron) or the blue chicken (Wala). Where in this Cockfighting also has various types of bets that you can play as below:

Red Chicken (Meron)
This type of bet is a condition where the player places a bet on the red chicken (Meron), the calculation is very simple, that is, if the meron chicken wins in the match then you win, but if the meron loses before the full 10 minutes run out then you lose.

Blue Chicken (Wala)
The condition in which the player bets on the blue chicken, the calculation is that if the wala chicken manages to win in the match then you will win, but if the wala loses before the time runs out then the player will lose.

BDD stands for Both Death Draw, meaning that if both chickens die before the match time is up, which is 10 minutes, the match will be declared BDD, if the player places a bet on the wala or meron then all player bets will be returned.

FTD stands for Full Time Draw, meaning that if the two chickens have not died until the match time is up, which is 10 minutes, the FTD will be declared, and all bets whether BDD, Wala and Meron will be declared defeated.
The explanation above is some of the types of Cockfighting Bets, besides that there are also several other terms such as:

  • Hackfight: This type of bet is played freely, where everyone is free to register and can place bets.
  • Derby Match: This bet type is on both teams where the winner is determined on which chicken team wins the most.
  • Scale: The term for this bet type is used to see how much weight the chickens will compete in.

In this Cockfighting there are also odds calculations, in order to determine how much value the winning payout can get if you win in bets like the following:

  • +1.00: If you place a bet of Rp. 100,000, and winning, you will receive a winning payment from this cockfighting game of Rp. 200,000 is included with the capital, but if you lose the match it means that the loss you get is Rp. 100,000.
  • +0.90: If you place a bet of